1. What are the requirements needed to rent a car?

Age: Between 23 and 65 years old
License: A valid Singapore Class 3 driving license or a valid international driving licence
Payment: Cash or credit card. (Deposit of $500 is applicable for daily rental)

2. Can anyone other than myself drive the car?

Yes, additional driver is allowed but this information must be provided prior to check-out of car.
This additional driver must also fulfill the basic requirements for car rental.

3. How can I make reservation for rental to Malaysia?

Please inform us of your intention to drive to Malaysia when you make your reservation.
Daily rental charges will be based on brochure rates and there will be an additional charge for usage in Malaysia.

4. What happens if I can't return the car on time?

One-fifth of the daily rental rate will be charged for every additional hour of late return.

5. Who do I contact if there is a problem with my rental vehicle?

We have a 24-hour Breakdown Service that can be reached at 9785 8800 for any problem encountered with our vehicle.

6. Can I reserve a vehicle for more than 30 days?

Yes, but with the standard deposit [monthly rate plus one month deposit] paid.

7. Can I change or cancel my reservation online? Is there a penalty cancellation fee on my reservation?

You may send us an email to change or cancel your reservation. However, if notice is given less than 24 hours before the date and time of reservation, a cancellation fee of $107 applies.

8. Is the vehicle insurance included in the daily rental rate?

Yes. We provide comprehensive insurance for our vehicles, i.e. it covers both our vehicle as well as the third party's.

9. If I have my own personal accident insurance, do I still need to purchase one?

The purchase of Personal Accident Insurance is optional.

10. Is delivery or collection service available?

Yes. There is a minimum service fee of $30 (before GST) for any delivery or collection of vehicle.

11. What does "excess" means?

It means the liability that the hirer should bear in event of any damages or accidents to the rental vehicle. Non-waiverable excess (NWE) is the reduced excess when the additional insurance benefit, Collision Damage Reduction (CDR) is purchased.

12. What type of credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club V card.

13. Is petrol at the hirer's expense?

Yes, the Hirer/Driver has to refill the petrol to its original level. If not, it will be chargeable to the hirer.