Long Term Car Rental and Other Services

It is a great privilege to possess a vehicle that meets to your mobility needs. However, the associated cost of owning a vehicle with a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in land-scarce Singapore and to upkeep it is a huge responsibility and a hassle to some. This is where our long term car rental and other leasing services can help.

Free yourself from the maintenance work which includes all the necessary trips to a workshop for regular servicing, and bringing your vehicle for its scheduled road tax renewals and the vehicle inspections through our long term car rental. Let an experienced team of professionals handle each aspect of the work and render you the freedom to zip around in the comfort of a vehicle, the best savings and the most positive customer experience at the end of it all.

Explore with us the short term and long term car rental solution that fulfil your requirements.


Daily / Short-Term Car Rental


Daily Short-Term Car Rental


Public transport in Singapore is known to be efficient, convenient and accessible. Nevertheless, there will be times when it makes total sense to rent a car for scenarios such as the festive occasions of Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa. A rental car facilitates your pre-festive shopping and visitation as a group or family to multiple locations with ease. During the festive periods, a surge in demand and rental rates is expected in majority of the car rental companies island wide. With a regular client base for short-term festive car rental, we maintain reasonable rental rates for our popular sedan and MPV range during the peak season. Our returned hirers who rent from us yearly will be given the priority to secure a rental vehicle, and at times an upgrade from what they actually paid for.  

Daily Short-Term Car Rental


Should you require a rental car during the off-peak period to run an errand or for a weekend getaway, do check out our current promotions for DBS/POSB card members, SAFRA members, NTUC members and for members serving in HomeTeamNS. Attractive preferential rates for short-term usage are available for the specific groups all year round.

For enquiries on daily/short-term rental, please email: [email protected]


Long-Term Individual & Corporate Rental


Long-Term Individual & Corporate Rental


Car rental for a duration of more than a month is considered monthly or long-term car rental which adopt a different pricing structure. This is an alternative to worry-free car ownership for individual and corporate use.

Our large fleet of well-maintained vehicles, comprising new and current models from economy to luxury range, is always kept in tip-top condition. We put them through stringent preventive maintenance checks several times a year and ensure our long-term car rental in Singapore has well-groomed cars with regular changes made to the tyres, batteries, wipers, floor mats and other vehicle parts.

In the event the vehicle you rent from us is scheduled for maintenance check or has been involved in an accident, a replacement vehicle will be provided to minimise on any disruption to you.

Our Car Doctors are on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week. They are always ready to attend to you during an emergency breakdown in Singapore. A network of towing services and repair workshops are also available via our subsidiary, should your long-term rental car break down in Malaysia.

With over 40 years of establishment in the local car rental industry, our team of well-trained and dedicated staff has an extensive experience working with fleet accounts and HR professionals who are tasked to fulfil their corporation’s car rental requirements of their local and expatriate employees. With our ready fleet and a strong network with our car brand partners, we are able to respond swiftly to the changing needs and demands of our clients.

You can be assured of top-notch long-term car rentals no matter what your requirements are.


Private Hire Vehicle Rental (PHV)


Private Hire Vehicle Rental


Thinking of starting your flexible, be-your-own-boss private-hire driver career? Do you plan to obtain a private hire car driver’s vocational licence (PDVL) but do not have your own vehicle? You might be bogged down with many questions on how to on-board a ride-hailing company and its program, the associated excess, insurance and deposit required in a rental car in Singapore. Fret not, speak with our private hire car rental specialist and have your queries answered.

We are ComfortRide and Gojek GoFleet partner and we provide one-stop solution for private hire car rental requirements. If you are keen to rent from us to drive for either platform, you will be eligible for earning enhancements from various incentives and rebates. Attractive petrol discount up to 35% are offered to our PHV hirers when you refuel at any of our seven kiosks:

- Braddell

205 Braddell Road,  Singapore 579701

- Sin Ming

600 Sin Ming Ave, Singapore 575733

- Ubi

320 Ubi Road 3, Singapore 408649

- Bukit Batok

511 Bukit Batok Street 23 #01-00, Singapore 659545

- Changi

20 Changi North Crescent, Singapore 499613

- Yishun

501 Yishun Industrial Park A,  Singapore 768732

- Pandan

45 Pandan Road,  Singapore 609286


Petrol voucher is available when you take up a minimum of 6 months* contract under a promotional offer.

How about renting a brand new vehicle and be the first driver of the newly registered rental car? Opt for your preferred car make and model with your choice of colour. A non-obligated discussion is just a phone call away. Have a chat with us, we are happy to assist you in working out an ideal private hire car rental that matches up to your lifestyle and budget.

* The management reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Light Goods Vehicle Rental


Light Goods Vehicle Rental


Similar to the cost of owning a car, the overall cost of owning a light goods vehicle with the associated maintenance cost can be expensive as well. Not forgetting to account for the depreciation cost, if you were to purchase your own commercial vehicle. Consider the car rental option and you would not have to deal with a high upfront expense.

No business owner wants a disruption to your day-to-day activities and business operation when your commercial van breaks down. We provide replacement commercial vehicle for our car leasing during an emergency and breakdown which allows our hirer the ability to resume your business activities with minimal disruption. Our commercial car rental in Singapore is open to both corporate and individuals.

We are a rental partner of Lalamove. For hirers who are ready to carry out local delivery tasks with Lalamove but do not own a vehicle, please have a chat with us and find out more on the exclusive deals that are available for you.  


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